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Shares and securities - personal customers


Share trading
Brokerage, Aksjehandel på nett (online share trading)
Establishment/annual feekr 0,00
Brokerage, shares and other equity instruments0,05 %, min. kr 99,00
For customers with more than 20 trades in a calendar month the brokerage is reduced in the following month0,04 %, min. kr 59,00
Brokerage, subscription rights 0,04 %, min. kr 99,00
Transfer of shares to a VPS account outside Nordeakr 250,00
Prices, information about prices
SpecificationPrice per month
Real-time prices of Norwegian shareskr 0,00
Brokerage, online international share trading
CountryCurrencyBrokerage, online trading*
SwedenSEK0,04 % min. SEK 1,00
DenmarkDKK0,04 % min. DKK 1,00
FinlandEUR0,10 % min. EUR 15,00
Annual holding fee, custody account for online trading in international securities*
DescriptionMinimum in foreign currency
Under NOK 100.000kr 0,00
Up to NOK 1 500,00
Over NOK 1 mill.0,05 %

*)All country-specific costs will be reinvoiced.

Prices, Trader
TraderPrice per month
Basic package incl. real-time data and news from Oslo Stock Exchange (without specification of orders)kr 200,00
Additional services:
Oslo Stock Exchange - Specification of orderskr 100,00
OMX (Nordic) - Real-time priceskr 10,00
OMX (Nordic) – Real-time prices and specification of orders kr 200,00
NYSE (New York) - Real-time priceskr 20,00
NASDAQ - Real-time prices    kr 20,00

All prices are monthly and including VAT.

Aksjehandel med megler (share trading through broker)
Prices on request.


Securities Trading
Prices, securities trading
Shares and other equity instruments, of the sales price0,50 %, min. kr 500,00
Subscription rights, of the sales pricekr 50,00, min. 0,75 %
Bonds, of the nominal value0,20 %, min. kr 350,00
Government bonds, of the nominal valueAs per agreement.
Convertible bonds, of the sales price0,50 %, min. kr 350,00
Stock index-linked bonds, of the nominal value0,50 %, min. kr 250,00
Certificates, holdings of minimum NOK 1 millionDetermined for each loan.
International shares, of the sales price0,75 %, min. kr 400,00
International bonds, of the nominal value0,25 %, min. kr 400,00
International convertible bonds0,50 %, min. kr 400,00

The brokerage fee may be subject to negotiation, depending on customer and size of order.


VPS account

The below fees are charged to the bank account linked to the VPS account. Please contact Securities Services in Nordea if you wish to change bank account. The Accountholder is responsible for ensuring that the registered bank account is active. An invoice is sent out prior to the charge.

Holdings and annual fee 1)
Value of holdingsPrice
Kr 1 up to kr 100.000kr 0,00
Kr 100.001 up to kr 1.000.000 kr 380,00
Kr 1.000.001 up to kr 100.000.000 kr 200,00 per million or fraction thereof
Kr 100.000.001 up to kr kr 125,00 per million or fraction thereof
Kr and over kr 40,00 per million or fraction thereof

1) The holdings and annual fee is charged once a year and calculated based on the market price of the holdings at 31 December. The annual fee will be the sum of the above fee thresholds depending on the value of the total holdings. Customers with several VPS accounts in Nordea will be invoiced according to the value of the total holdings of all VPS accounts per national ID no/organisation no.

Monthly fee, certificates
Value of holdingsPrice
Kr 1,00 and overkr 6,00 per million or fraction thereof, minimum kr 50,00 per invoice
Transaction fee 2)
Release of a holding by sale outside Nordeakr 100,00 per ISIN no.
Transfer from VPS accountskr 100,00 per ISIN no.
Transfer from a VPS account to a VP account abroadkr 500,00 per instruction
Transfer to own VPS account, executed in Investortjenester
kr 60,00 per ISIN no.
Transfer of holdings to another ID/account operatorkr 100,00 per ISIN no.
Redemption of bonds (”put”)kr 100,00 per ISIN no.
Establishment of rightskr 300,00 per right
Establishment of authorisationkr 300,00 per authorisation
Copy of previously distributed investor statements, except the last annual statementkr 125,00 per copy, incl. VAT
2) Charged twice a year.
Other fees
Specification Price
Giro fee 3)kr 50,00
Payment reminderkr 50,00
3) You will receive an invoice with a giro form if no bank account is linked to the VPS account.
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