Informasjonskapsler - YouTube

1. Nordea uses YouTube (owned by Google) as its video platform. Read more about YouTube here.

2. YouTube hosts/stores videos on its servers for Nordea.

3. YouTube cookies are placed on visitors’ devices when a visitor arrives on a Nordea page where there is a YouTube video, for example:


Screenshot of a Nordea page with a YouTube video. The page can be found on this link 

4. The YouTube cookies on the screenshot below are eg used to track viewing statistics and assign a unique identifier to the device on which the video is viewed, enabling YouTube to recognise the device. This data is sent to Google, and Nordea is not in control of the data. Google can use this data to show relevant advertising in other YouTube videos. However, Nordea does not allow advertising in own YouTube videos.


This is a screenshot of cookies set by YouTube on Nordea. Cookies can be seen on any website with a few clicks by accessing the browser’s ‘developer tools’. 

5. Cookies from YouTube belong to Nordea’s “Marketing” cookie category, as Nordea does not host/store the videos, and the associated data is sent to Google.

6. For full details about cookies on Nordea (including YouTube) click here.