Customer profile form

Please fill in the customer profile form if you wish to become a customer and don't have BankID from another bank.

You will be charged 750 NOK when becoming a customer if you are over 18 and don't already have BankID. This amount will be charged to your account when the customer relationship is established.

After we receive the form, we will contact you and guide you in the further process and arrange an appointment with one of our advisers.

Completion of customer profile

The Anti-Money-Laundering Act requires Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Norge (hereafter the bank) to apply customer due diligence measures and on-going monitoring. The customer due diligence goes beyond the identity control. It includes registration of customer information, confirmation of the customer identity and the identity of possible beneficial owners (owner of the funds), and registration of information about the purpose and form of the customer relationship. According to the regulations in FATCA and CRS (Common Reporting Standard – international Tax reporting) banks are committed to collect information about tax residence country and Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Customer relationships with high risk for money laundering and terror financing trigger control actions and requires further documentation. This customer profile is created as a tool for the bank to control that the required customer information is being collected. Please note that it may be necessary for Nordea to collect other information and documentation in addition to the information in this customer profile form.

Tax matters

Purpose of banking relationship

All cash, domestic or international transactions to/from another person’s account. This does not include transfers between your own accounts, or payments to your loans in Nordea.

Open deposit account

Sole proprietorship

Origin of funds

Relation to the US

By US realtion we mean that you consider yourself a US resident, you are in the US Army / military forces, or employed by the American Embassy, you will sojourn in the US for at least 6 months (3 months for US citizens), you are a US Citizen or you have a tax residency to the US as a result of address of residence, citizenship or other conditions.

Politically exposed

- The form continues below the text -

By politically exposed person is meant a physical person who

  1. holds or during the past year has held one of the following executive offices or positions in or on behalf of a country other than Norway:
    1.1 head of state or head of government, minister or deputy minister,
    1.2 member of a national assembly,
    1.3 member of a higher court whose decisions only in exceptional cases may be subject to appeals,
    1.4 member of the board of an auditor general, court of auditors or central bank,
    1.5 ambassador, chargé d’affaires or high-ranking military officer,
    1.6 member of an administrative, managerial or controlling body in a state-owned company or member of the board of such company,
    1.7 person holding offices or positions as mentioned under 1.1 - 1.5 in international organisations.
  2. is a close relative of a person as mentioned under point 1. By close relative is meant:
    2.1 spouse or partner who pursuant to national legislation is equivalent to a spouse.
    2.2 child,
    2.3 spouse or partner of child,
    2.4 parent.
  3. is a close associate of a person as mentioned under point (1) or (2). By close associate is meant a physical person known to:
    3.1 be the beneficial owner of a legal entity or a pool of assets jointly with such person,
    3.2 have business relations with such person,
    3.3 be the only beneficial owner of a legal entity or pool of assets established for the benefit of such person.

Beneficial owner(s)

If yes, please specify who you will do it on behalf of, and indicate whether the person is a Politically Exposed Person (see explanation above).

If yes, please specify who you will do it on behalf of, and indicate whether the person is a Politically Exposed Person (see explanation above).

Information about the processing of personal data

As a data controller Nordea processes personal data to deliver the products and services that are agreed between the parties and for other purposes such as to comply with laws and other regulations.  For detailed information on processing of personal data, please 

read Nordea's privacy policy

 or contact Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Norge. The privacy policy contains information about the rights in connection with the processing of personal data such as the access to information, rectification, data portability, etc. 

The service fee of 750 NOK will be charged when your customer relationship has been established.