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Brukskonto (transaction account)

A Brukskonto is intended for daily banking services. Salaries, student loans, social security benefits, etc. can be transferred directly to this account, which may be used for different payment services.

The standard prices for payment services apply to all withdrawals/payments.

Customers over 18 may be granted  an overdraft facility.

Interest rate, Brukskonto (transaction account)
BalanceInterest rate
Regardless of amount0,05 % p.a.

Foreign currency account

Interest rate, foreign currency transaction account
The interest rate on a currency account equals the prevailing base rate at any given time for the relevant currency less a margin to be agreed upon between the bank and the account holder. Nordea's base rate for deposits in the relevant currency is based on the 1 week London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) fixed on Mondays at 12 noon.

Aksjehandelskonto (share trading account)

Interest rate, Aksjehandelskonto (available for share trading through Nordea Markets)
BalanceInterest rate
Regardless of amount0,30 % per year
Savings accounts

Sparekonto (savings account)

Interest rates, Sparekonto (savings account)
Balance (when a new tier is reached, the interest rate applies to the total balance on the account)Interest rate
Regardless of amount
0,20 % per year
Interest rates, savings account for person under 18
BalanceInterest rate
Regardless of amount0,60 % per year

You are allowed 12 free withdrawals per calendar year.  A withdrawal fee of kr 250,00 will be charged for each additional withdrawal. Interest and instalments on loans in Nordea Bank AB (publ), filial i Norge may be charged to the account without affecting the number of free withdrawals.

BufferSpar (regular savings account)

Interest rates, BufferSpar
SpecificationInterest rate
Monthly savings of kr 500,00 and over0,50 % per year
Monthly savings below kr 500,000,05 % per year

BSU ( home-savings schemes for young people)

Interest rate, BSU (home-savings scheme w/tax relief for young people)
BalanceInterest rate
Regardless of amount3,20 % per year

Withdrawal/transfer of locked deposits/interest is a breach of the BSU contract.

Boligsparekonto (home-saver account)

Interest rates and fees, Boligsparekonto (home-saver account)
SpecificationInterest rate/price
kr 0,00 - kr 300.000,003,20 % per year
Capitalised interest *3,20 % per year
When deposits exceed kr 300.000,00No interest is earned*
Fee, withdrawal for other purposes than a home/the BSU account5,00 % of the amount withdrawn, min. kr 1 000,00

*) Interest capitalised during the savings period comes in addition to the deposits and bears interest according to the prevailing interest rate even if the balance on the account exceeds the maximum savings amount.

Fastrentekonto med bonus (Fixed term account with bonus)

Interest rate and terms, Fastrentekonto med bonus (Fixed term account with bonus)
Sales period, current offer: 01.09.2017 and until further notice*Interest rate/terms
Fixed term interest rate, year 11,35 % per year
Fixed term, year 101.10.2017 - 30.09.2018
Bonus rate, years 2, 3 og 40,20 % per year
Charge for withdrawal during the agreement period2,50 %, min. kr 250,00

* The interest rate is fixed for one year at the time and applies to savings that are locked for a fixed term of 12 months. Fastrente med bonus (fixed term account with bonus) is offered during specific sales periods. The current offer may be stopped or changed on short notice.

Deposit account

Depositumskonto (tenancy deposit account)

Rates and charges, tenancy deposit account
SpecificationInterest rate/price
Regardless of balance0,05 % per year
Establishment fee
The landlord is a customer of Nordea*kr 500,00
The landlord is not a customer of Nordea*kr 2 000,00
With lienholder or notification of tenant, per lienholder/notificationkr 250,00
The bank may charge an hourly compensation for extra work, for example in connection with the closing of an account.

*) Whether or not the tenant is a customer of Nordea does not influence the establishment fee.

Investment funds

Online funds trading

Prices, online funds trading
Establishment/annual feekr 0,00
Prices, purchase of shares in funds
Purchase commissionDepending on fund.*
Other costsDepending on fund.*
Prices, sale of shares in funds
Sales commission Depending on fund.*

*) The total cost of purchasing or selling fund shares is provided in the fund information (the information is in Norwegian).

Fee to Nordea in connection with the distribution of mutual funds

Nordea Bank AB (publ), filial i Norge (Nordea) offers savings and investment solutions from Nordea's associated company Nordea Funds Ltd,  or other external management companies, for which it receives a fee (a share of the subscription fee and management fee) from the fund company. 

Nordea has an obligation to inform about fees, commissions and non-monetary incentives paid or received in connection with the distribution of funds.

Nordea has a distribution agreement with Nordea Funds Ltd. and several other external fund managers for the distribution of their funds in the Norwegian market.

For its sale of mutual funds the bank receives a fee from Nordea Funds Ltd and other external fund managers. The fee enables Nordea i.a. to carry out analyses of and give information and advice about securities funds. The fee is a percentage share of the management fee paid by the unit holder and does not imply any extra cost for you as customer.

For funds managed by Nordea Funds Ltd the fee is 50 per cent of the management fee and for funds managed by other, external managers the fee is between 0 and 88 per cent of the management fee.

Example of how the fee is apportioned

If you buy units for NOK 10,000 in a securities fund managed by Nordea Funds Ltd. and the fund charges an annual management fee of 1.2 per cent, the apportionment will be as follows:

  • The management fee you as a customer will pay is NOK 120 per year (10,000 x 1.2 per cent = NOK 120). The distribution fee to Nordea will be NOK 60 (NOK 120 x 50 per cent = 60). The distribution fee does not imply any extra cost for you as a customer.

If you have questions about a specific fund and what Nordea receives in inducement, please contact customer ombudsman in Nordea, Richard Jansen, +47 95061317.

Account information

SMS Services

Price, per SMS received
Customer programme/levelPrice
Standardkr 1,00
Studentkr 0,00
Under 18kr 0,00

Price, message received in SMS bank
Customer program/levelPrice1
Standardkr 1,00
Studentkr 0,00
Under 18kr 0,00

Support and error messages are free of charge.
1)Mobile operators' SMS charges come in addition.

Print and copies

Transcripts, transaction history and copies
Standard account statement and annual statementkr 0,00
Account statement from Nordeas' ATMs in Norwaykr 0,00
Account statement and transaction history in branch kr 250,00
Copies of prints and vouchers, minimum per copy kr 100,00
Calculation of interest

Calculation of interest on an account

Interest is calculated and credited to the account at the end of every calendar year or upon closure of the account.

In Nordea, interest is calculated based on the number of calendar days, i.e. 365 days a year,  alternately 366 days in a leap year.

The overdraft interest on deposit accounts is 18.00%.

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