Price list - corporate customers

Price list for corporate customers, effective from January 1st 2021


  • Corporate Netbank
  • Nettbank Bedrift
  • Corporate Access
  • Other business solutions

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Incoming payments

  • OCR
  • Autogiro / VPH
  • Avtalegiro (Direct debit)
  • Cremul

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Outgoing payments

  • Electronic
  • Swift
  • Direct Remittance
  • Manual services

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Outgoing and incoming cross-border payments

  • Outgoing electronic
  • Outgoing manual
  • Outgoing additional services
  • Incoming manual

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Nordea Finance, Trade Finance and guarantees

  • Nordea Finance
  • Leasing
  • Trade Finance
  • Guarantees

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Additional services

  • General terms
  • Payment services
  • Value dating
  • Audit reports
  • Employee insurance - Nordea Liv

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