Securities, shares, bonds and VPS

Nordes provides investment in shares and bonds, including derivatives via Nordea Markets. We provide services to companies that are planning to share issues, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions. Active management offers tailor-made custodian services that meet any customer demand.
VPS - Norwegian securities
VPU - Global securities
Online stock trading
Markets outside the Nordics

VPS - Norwegian securities

Holdings fee/annual fee - charged per year

The yearly custody fee is invoiced for ordinary vps-accounts only. VPS trading accounts and Aksjesparekonto VPS are not invoiced. 

The calculation of the holdings/annual fee is based on the market price of the holdings at 31st of December. 12)   Customers maintaining several VPS accounts operated by the Bank will be invoiced according to the value of the total holdings of all VPS accounts per national ID number/organisation number.

Holdings' value
NOK 1.00 to NOK 100,000.00 Free of charge
NOK 100,001.00 to NOK 1,000,000.00NOK 380.00 
NOK 1,000,001.00 to NOK 100,000,000.00NOK 200.00 per commenced million 
NOK 100,000,001.00 to NOK 1,000,000,000.00NOK 125.00 per commenced million 
NOK 1,000,000,001.00 and aboveNOK 40.00 per commenced million
The annual fee will be the sum of above fee thresholds depending on the value of the total holdings.
Monthly feeNOK 6.00 per million or fraction thereof
MinimumNOK 50.00 per million or fraction thereof
Transactions - charged every quarter
Release of a holding by sale outside NordeaNOK 100.00 per transaction
Transfer from a VPS accountNOK 100.00 per transaction
Transfer from a VPS account to an account abroad
NOK 500.00 per instruction
Transfer from a VPS account via Internet
NOK 60.00 per transaction
Transfer of holdings to another ID/another operatorNOK 100.00 for first transaction
Transfer of holdings to another ID/another operator
NOK 100.00 from second transaction 
Redemption of bonds ("put")NOK 100.00 per transaction 
Establishment of rightsNOK 300.00 per right
Establishment of authorization
NOK 300.00 per authorization 
Extra copy of investor statements, except annual statementNOK 125.00 per copy + VAT
Other fees
Giro feeNOK 50.00
Payment reminderNOK 100.00
The fees will be charged to the bank fee account linked to the VPS account. Please contact Securities Operations at Nordea if you wish to change the fee account. The account holder is responsible for ensuring that the registered account is active. An invoice will be sent prior to the charge. An invoice and a giro form will be sent to the account holder if no fee account is linked to the VPS account. Please note that a giro fee will apply. If you have any questions, we ask you to kindly send an e-mail to:  Åpnes i nytt vindu

12) Special for not listed securites: The value for invoicing is based on these principles

  1. Last traded price previous year
  2. If last traded price is missing: Assessed value
  3. If assessed value is missing: Nominal value

VPU - global securities

Holdings fee: 

The calculation of the holdings fee is based on the market price for the Customer's holdings per market, continuously for each day.

The fee is calculated with the following rates: The calculation always starts with the initial rate (0,4%) per market, even if the value is above NOK 500.000 If the fee is calculated with these fees, comes to less than NOK 500,00, the fee will be minimum NOK 500,00 per year.

NOK 0.00 - up to NOK 500.000.000.4 % p.a.
NOK 500,000.00 - up to NOK 2,000,000.000.3 % p.a.
NOK 2,000,000.00 and above0.1 % p.a.
A fee will be invoiced if there have been any holdings in the account during the year. This applies even if the Custodian Account has been passive for parts of the year. 
Transaction fee:  
The Nordics: 
Denmark, Finland, Sweden
NOK 300.00
EuroclearNOK 400.00
USA and CanadaNOK 300.00
Europa 1: 
France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria 
NOK 500.00
Europa 2: 
England, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland
NOK 400.00 
Europa 3: 
Baltic stated
NOK 450.00 
JapanNOK 600.00 
Australia and New ZealandNOK 600.00
Hong Kong and Singapore
NOK 700.00
South-AfricaNOK 500.00 
Other services
Upon share/capital changes in the companies, e.g. share issues, mergers, etc. NOK 125.00 per completed transaction
Refund of withholding tax:
A tax refund will not be applied for when the refund will amount to less than NOK 2,000.00 per dividend
NOK 1,600.00 per dividend
Transferring dividend to customers by bank giroNOK 50.00 per transaction
Conversion to/from physical sharesNOK 2.000
Special inquires and transactions NOK 800.00 per hour began
Cancellations and manual correctionsNOK 100.00
Annual general meeting - servicesAccording to further agreement

Any other direct costs incurred with the Foreign Custodian will come in addition.

Invoicing: Monthly
An invoice will be sent when the accumulated amount is NOK 500,00 or higher. Consequently, between 1 and 12 invoices will be sent each year.



We offer access to trading in both Norwegian- and foreign stocks and bonds in addition to derivatives, warrants and other investment products. Nordea Investments – Securities Advisory offer advice and guidance on nearly all types of traded assets. Please reach out to us by phone for further details. 

Prices will depend on the size and activity level of the investments and will be set individually. Please contact us at phone +47 22 48 78 97 for further information. 

Active management
Shares and bonds, active management: upon agreement

Management commission is a percentage of the average value of the portfolio and is charged quarterly. Commission rates are reduced in correlation with increasing portfolio and vary for shares and bonds.  For further information please contact Nordea at phone  + 47 22 48 78 97
Equity fund, fixed income fund and combination fund

Nordea fondene AS provides investment in money markets funds, bond funds and equity funds. The funds are well suited for short-term liquidity investments and long-term financial investments. The return on the investments has normally been higher than traditional bank savings over time. There is, however, no guarantee for future returns. 

Nordea fondene AS also provides investments in international funds. The international funds may produce a higher return because of higher risk diversification than similar Norwegian investments. The international funds risk is reduced because investments are spread on several sectors and in several countries. International funds give access to the global financial markets. 

Investors may select funds from several different markets or an aggregated fund. For further information please contact Nordea at phone + 47 22 48 78 97

Online stock trading

Yearly costNOK 0.00 

Brokerage fee Norwegian equities and equity certificates

0.04 % 
Minimum 1.00 NOK 
Maximum 99.00 NOK
Brokerage fee Norwegian warrants0.04 %  
Minimum 1.00 NOK  
Maximum 99.00 NOK
Brokerage fee Swedish equities
0.04 %  
Minimum 1.00 SEK 
Brokerage fee Swedish warrants0.04 %  
Minimum 1.00 SEK 
Brokerage fee Danish equities0.04 %  
Minimum 1.00 DKK 
Brokerage fee Danish warrants0.04 %  
Minimum 1.00 DKK 
Brokerage fee Finnish equities0.04 %  
Minimum 0.20 EURO 
Brokerage fee Finnish warrants0.04 %  
Minimum 0.20 EURO 
Yearly fee VPS-accountFind prices under «VPS – Norwegian securities» 
Management fee VPU-accountNOK 0.00 (until further notice) 

Market information
Delayed prices (corporate clients)NOK 0.00

Markets outside the Nordics

Minimum fee
Belgium0.20%EUR 28.00
France*0.20%EUR 28.00
Germany0.20%EUR 28.00
Italy*0.20%EUR 28.00
Holland0.20%EUR 28.00
UK**0.20%GBP 20.00
Spain0.20%EUR 28.00
Switzerland0.20%CHF 40.00
Canada0.20%CAD 28.00
Portugal0.20%EUR 28.00  
Trading in markets outside the Nordics is done via telephone. Please call + 47 22 48 51 50 

*Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) for trading in French and Italian securities and any other markets where this has been introduced will also be invoiced. French share; 0.2 % of the value of purchased order, Italian shares; 0.12 % of the value of purchased order. 

**Direct costs, such as «stamp duty» will be further invoiced.

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