First Card
Visa debit card
Merchant Acquiring

First Card

Annual fees, per card annually, advance payment
Annual price per card - First Card Standard corporate liability, recommended priceNOK 490.00
Annual price per card - First Card Executive corporate and private liability NOK 1,500.00
Payment time (standard): 15 days, average credit time 30 days
Other fees
Per cash withdrawal in ATM: 3,00 %of the withdrawn, minimumNOK 40.00
Cash withdrawal over-the-counter: 3,00 % of the withdrawn amount, minimum NOK 40.00
Price per purchase at Point-of-saleNOK 0.00
Travel insuranceNOK 0.00
My Card OnlineNOK 0.00
Statistics OnlineNOK 0.00
Replacement cardNOK 150.00
Reminder feeThe current fee
Paper invoice fee, per invoiceNOK 45.00
Travel accountNOK 0.00
Exchange fee
Per transaction 2,00 % of the transaction amount (in addition comes a scheme charge at 0,3 %. This cost covers the international exchange network fees set by Mastercard and Visa) 
Cash withdrawals per month First Card StandardNOK 10,000.00
Additional services, annually per card
Extended payment time, per card annually, maximum 30 days in totalNOK 100.00 
Files for integration with travel management systems
File integration - set upNOK 4,500.00
File integration - annuallyNOK 2,000.00
Late payment terms
Collection interest corporate liability17.5 %
Collection interest private liabilityThe current rate

Visa debit card

Price per monthNOK 21.00
Payment in NorwayNOK 2.50
Payment abroadNOK 2.50
Nordea ATMNOK 0.00
Bankkort Bedrift, cash withdrawal other bank ATMNOK 10.00
Cash withdrawal in storeNOK 10.00
Cash deposits in deposits machine or in storeNOK 75.00
Visa cash withdrawal in Norway or abroad NOK 30.00 + 0.50 % of amount
Extra charge for cash withdrawals and payments abroad2%

Merchant Acquiring

Merchant acquiringNOK 0.15
Establishing new reconciliation/settlement reportNOK 4,000.00
Monthly reconciliation/settlement reportNOK 2,800.00 

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