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Trade Finance - documentary collection
Trade Finance - Export documentary credit
Trade Finance - Import letter of credit
Trade Fiance - direct costs


By using the factoring services provided by Nordea Finance, companies can borrow up to 80 % of their outstanding sales invoices. Nordea Finance will also handle the management and collection of the invoices on behalf of the company.

The prices are based on the turnover, volume of invoices and number of customers. They include interest charged on advanced funds and service for handling the management and collection of the invoices. For further information please contact your customer advisor in Nordea or Nordea Finance.


Leasing provided by Nordea Finansce is an off-balance sheet method of financing a company's assets without utilizing its capital or other lending sources. Leasing means that Nordea Finance purchases the assets as specified by the company and leases it to the company against a monthly fee. The company is responsible for negotiating any discount and any residual value with suppliers.

The monthly leasing price to be agreed with the individual company and is based on factors such as the nominal interest rate, invested amount, residual value and term. For further information please contact your customer advisor in Nordea or Nordea Finance.

Nordea Finance - indicative rates

Establishment fee, single agreementNOK 2,950.00
Installment fee, per notice/invoice
NOK 95.00 
Master invoiceMinimum NOK 95.00
Registration of pledge paper/electronicPaper: NOK 1,516.00  
Electronic : NOK 1,051.00
Change of collateralNOK 1,500.00
Copy of annual statement/invoice etc.NOK 150.00 
Change of debtor, transferNOK 2,500.00 
NOK 1,500.00 
Installment free periodNOK 500.00 
Loss of vehicle registration formNOK 150.00

*For leasing: all fees subject to VAT

Trade Finance - documentary collection

Documentary collectionTFG*(Online)TFG*(Manual by letter)
Collection commission 
- minimum  
0.35 % 
NOK 1,600.00    
0.40 % 
NOK 3,000.00
Acceptance commissionNOK 700.00     NOK 1,400.00
Amendment commissionNOK 700.00NOK 1,400.00
Discounting commissionNOK 1,000.00NOK 1,000.00
Extradition (incl.e-mail)NOK 1,000.00NOK 1,000.00
Figures above are the main commissions. Direct costs such as telephone and stamp will be added*TFG (Trade Finance Global)

Trade Finance - Export documentary credit

Export documentary creditPrice
Advising fee
- TFG (online) 
- By letter

NOK 900.00  
NOK 1,500.00
Documentary commission, pr disposal 

0.275 % 
*Minimum NOK 1,000.00
Confirmation commission Quotation given by TF Sales upon request and is subject to the bank and country risk
Commission for deferred paymentQuotation given by TF Sales upon request
Drafting of templateNOK 800.00
Discounting feeNOK 1,000.00
Amendment feeNOK 800.00

These are the main fees for export documentary credit
*TFG (Trade Finance Global) 

Trade Finance - import letter of credit

Import letter of creditPrice
Issuance fee
- Individual pricing
- TFG (online) 
- By letter

Cash depot is applicable. min 0.50 % p.a. 
Minimum NOK 1,000.00    
Minimum NOK 1,500.00
Documentary commission (pr.disposal)0.275 %  
Minimum NOK 1,000.00 
Commission for deferred payment Minimum NOK 900.00 
Amendment feeMinimum NOK 800.00 
Drafting of templateMinimum NOK 1,000.00

These are the main fees for import documentary credit

Trade Finance - direct costs

Fees related to direct costs (applicable to all products)Price
CourierNOK 350.00
PostageNOK 60.00
Postage-registeredNOK 180.00
Postage-express over nightNOK 410.00
Special handling (per hour)NOK 1,000.00
Invoicing fee - provisionsNOK 250.00
Manually generated report of outstanding transactionsNOK 500.00


Guarantee provisionBy appointment
Minimum NOK 750.00  each quarter
Establishment fees for Nordea standard guarantees1% minimum NOK 2,500.00 
Establishment fees without Nordea standard guarantees
1 % minimum NOK 4,000.00 
Fee for urgent casesMinimum kr 3000 
Amendment feeMinimum NOK 2,000.00 
Handling fee for claims - notification of claimsMinimum NOK 5,000.00 
Payment of claimsMinimum NOK 500.00 
Advising foreign guarantees, without commitment for Nordea 
- advising amendment
Minimum NOK 1,500.00    
NOK 500.00 
Advisory/Forming of draftNOK 1,500.00  pr.hour
Safe custodySubject to type
Issuance of guarantees through foreign bankNOK 7,500.00 
Issuance standard guarantees Nordea Corp/BusinessNOK 2,500.00 
Issuance Non- standard guaranteesBy agreement

Direct costs such as SWIFT, courier/stamp and foreign bank charges will come in addition. Extra handling charges will be applicable for cases with extra handling/drafting time needed.

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