Nordea Business/Nettbank Bedrift
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Corporate Netbank
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Nordea Business/Nettbank Bedrift

Nordea Business/Nettbank Bedrift (1)
  • Establishment of new main company (Part A of the agreement), accounts, services (2)
NOK 0.00 
SubscriptionNOK 99.00 Pr.month
Subscription usersNOK 40.00 Pr.users/month
Subscription accounts (3)NOK 15.00 Pr.account/month
Additional fee for use of file services
Establishment of main company (Part A of the agreement)NOK 1,200.00
Establishment of additional companies (under the above agreement)NOK 100.00
SubscriptionNOK 300.00 Pr.month
1) Clubs and associations with business codes 93299 and 94991 in the Brønnøysund registres are not invoiced according to this price list
2) A connected party is only access to new account and are priced only as accounts
3) Includes up to three accounts per company. For additional accounts the charge is NOK 15,00 per account

Corporate Access

Corporate Access is Nordea's file-based solution in ISO20022/xml format

Product PriceUnit

Corporate Access File Transfer

Establishment of file services via Corporate NetbankNOK 1,500.00 Pr. company
Change of communication set-upNOK 550.00 Pr. change
File transfer service via Corporate Netbank - subscriptionNOK 150.00Pr month
Corporate Access Payables
Implementing payment filesNOK 2,500.00Pr. company
Change of subscriptionNOK 1,000.00 Pr. change
Signer IDNOK 80.00 Pr. month
Pr. extra country (first country free)NOK 80.00 Pr. month
Corporate Access Account Reporting
ImplementationNOK 2,500.00 Pr. company
Change feeNOK 1,000.00Pr. change
Account statement Standard, daily deliveryNOK 50.00 Pr. account, pr. month
Account statement Extended, daily deliveryNOK 50.00 Pr. account, pr. month
Credit notificationNOK 110.00 Pr. account, pr. month
Corporate Access Lite
Subscription fee (up to 3 accounts)NOK 100.00 Pr. month

Corporate Netbank

Corporate Netbank
EstablishmentNOK 320.00
Subscription companyNOK 99.00Pr.month
Subscription userNOK 40.00 Pr.month
Subscription accountNOK 20.00 Pr.month
Country access fee, per month per connected countryNOK 0.00 Pr.month

Other business solutions


Basis is the solution for small businesses that need standard banking services and want business-related advisory. 

The solution contains:

  • Corporate account, Savings account and tax account
  • Nettbank Corporate and Mobile bank (up to 1 user)
  • Bank card Corporate (debit card)

Onboarding fee: NOK 3,000.00

Monthly fee: NOK 159.00

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