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Customer profile - Companies, associations and foundations

  • General information about the entity
  • Roles in the entity
  • Description of business
  • Application initiator
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General information about the entity

Name, address etc

A limited company in the process of being established must forward its memorandum of association and articles of association to continue the process. When an application has been submitted, we will contact you by e-mail for additional information. NB! If the foundation of the company is not completed within 3 months, the account will be closed and the share capital will be credited back to the account number where the deposit came from.

Enter the organization number from the company certificate. This can also be found in the Norwegian corporate registry, BrønnøysundregistreneÅpnes i nytt vindu. If you have not, please enter the valid number from where the company is listed.
Enter the industry code (Næringskode) from the company certificate. If you do not have a NACE yet, the field may be left open.
Please enter any company web address
The customer consents to Nordea Bank Abp using information about me/the company to contact the company with relevant offers for other products and services. The company can receive information about its agreement with Nordea and its consent and may withdraw this by calling us on 232 06002.
List all countries which the company is registered in. Use a comma in between each country.
Tax residency
Select “No” if the company is not tax resident outside Norway. Select “Yes” if the company has tax liabilities outside Norway.
Enter the country where the company is tax resident.
The TIN is the tax identification number which identifies the taxpayer.
Enter country where tax resident
Enter whether the entity operates in other countries than Norway
Indicate whether the company has other trade names or brand names than the entity’s name. For example, the Norwegian public broadcaster operates under the name “NRK”.
Chose whether the entity is involved in fundraising
Roles in the entity

Chairman, board members, CEO, shareholders

Please enter chairman, board members, CEO and beneficial owners (owns/controls more than 25% of the share capital). 

Write the name of beneficial owner number 1
Enter address, postal address, postal code and city.
Enter Nationality of beneficial owner 1
Enter country of birth for beneficial owner 1
Enter Citizenship for beneficial owner 1
Politically exposed person: person who serves or has served in the position or function of:
1. head of State, head of government, minister and assistant minister;
2. member of national assembly;
3. member of a governing body of a political party;
4. member of a high-level judicial body, the decisions of which are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances;
5. member of the board of an auditor general’s office, a court of auditors or a central bank;
6. ambassador, chargé d'affaires or high-ranking officer of the armed forces;
7. member of an administrative, management or supervisory body of a State-owned enterprise;
8. director, member of the board or other person in the senior management of an international organisation.
Enter address, postal address, postal code and city.
Enter Nationality of person 2
Enter country of birth for person 2
Enter Citizenship for person 2
Enter country of birth for beneficial owner 3
Enter Citizenship for beneficial owner 3
Specify the position, country, employer and time period you are (were) employed in the position
Enter Citizenship for beneficial owner 4
Description of business
Describe the nature of the company’s activities. For example, the object of a company making sausages could be “Production and sale of sausages”.
Select the most relevant option for the number of employees.
If the company is a payment service provider, the company will make payments on behalf of other parties. For example, Nordea Bank Norge Abp is a payment service provider as our customers use the bank’s solutions to execute payments.
Cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies are not regulated by or quoted by an official central bank as opposed to the NOK, SEK, USD or EUR. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are examples of cryptocurrencies.
Enter the expected type of cryptocurrency, the monthly volume related to purchases/sales of cryptocurrencies and the purpose of the transactions.
List the company’s countries of operations. Do not include countries where the company only has partners/suppliers.
Check the boxes for products that the company expects to use in the customer relationship
Tick the products that the company expects to use as part of its customer relationship
All legal entities (companies) trading in derivatives, foreign currencies, equities, bonds or other financial instruments traded on an exchange or another organised trading venue must have a LEI code to be able to trade. If you do not have a LEI code yet, you can register it later.
Enter the estimated annual profit expressed in NOK
For regular transactions, enter the expected monthly deposits to and withdrawals from the account (not operating income, but for example rent, commissions etc) per month.
Indicate whether the company expects to deposit cash into its corporate account.
Indicate whether the company expects to withdraw cash from its corporate account.
Here you check the box for expected future payments on the account(s). Check the option (s) that best fit and use the free text box for further description.
Check the option (s) that best fit and use the text box for further description.
Application initiator
Enter the name of any contact person in Nordea Norway