Become a Nordea customer

How to become a customer in Nordea

Contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.

Why we ask questions

We want to know you before we advise you. The better we know you, the more individualised our recommendations will be. So we ask all our customers questions because we want to establish and maintain long relationships. 

However, some of our questions we ask for other reasons. As one of the largest banks in Europe, we take our responsibility in society seriously. We work proactively to protect our customers, our company and society at large from illegal activities and we oppose money laundering, human trafficking, drug dealing, terrorist financing, illegal arms trading, tax evasion and so on. 

Be careful out there

Criminals may try to use you for illegal activities. You can help fighting crime with a few measures. Never let anyone use your bank account. Make sure that your computer has sufficient protection and that you are careful when you receive unsolicited e-mails or are asked to click on links.

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Why do we ask you?

We know that almost all customers are honest, but in order to find the few that are not, we need to ask everybody questions without exception. And when you and other customers answer our questions, you contribute to preventing illegal operations.
Many countries have similar laws, regulations, policies, sanctions and instructions which banks have to follow to prevent financial crime.

Hence, we ask several questions when you want to become a customer at Nordea and we will continue to ask questions throughout our relationship. We may ask about the origin of funds credited to your account or why you need to use certain of our services. All information from you is kept confidential in accordance with the bank secrecy rules.

We cannot always perform requested services

In the rare cases where we do not get sufficient information, we are not permitted to perform the requested service.

Identity and authentication

We need documentation confirming your identity and address. For example your passport, driver’s licence or other official ID with photo. When relevant, we will need documentation of your business registration and a verified right to represent the company. We may also ask if you hold a prominent public function in a ministry or the like.

Our services

As a Nordea customer you will have access to a broad range of products and services.

Daily use of the bank

  • Salary account/transaction account
  • Debit card/credit card
  • Netbank
  • Contact Centre

Savings and investment

  • Savings account/Funds
  • Pension

Loans and credit

  • Mortgage
  • Car loan/boat loan
  • Consumer credit/overdraft facility on salary account


  • Personal insurances
  • Non-life insurances
Valid identification

Valid identification - establishment of a new customer relationship

On establishing a customer relationship Nordea is required to ask for valid identification in writing. A description of documents accepted as valid identification for this purpose is given below.

Please note: The identity document must be original and must not have expired. 

  • Passport (not emergency passport) 
  • National ID card issued by an EU country 
  • Norwegian immigrant's passport (blue) 
  • Norwegian refugee travel document (green) 

The only proof of identity accepted for the issuance of BankID is a valid passport.

Corporate Customers

If you are a corporate entity you will find information on how to become a customer here.