Non-standard prices

For customers not in a customer programme per 26 January 2015

For all our other services our standard prices apply.

Savings Debit and credit cards Payment Services SMS Services Savings

Sparekonto (savings account)

Interest rates, Sparekonto (savings account)
Balance (when a new tier is reached, the interest rate applies to the total balance on the account)Interest rate
Kr 100 000 and over0,80% per year
Kr 0 up to kr 100 0000,50% per year
Debit and credit cards

Nordea Bankkort (debit cards)

Prices, withdrawals and payments with Nordea Bankkort
SpecificationNordea Bankkort (debit card)
Cash withdrawal from ATM in Norway
kr 10,00
Payment/purchase in Norwaykr 2,50
Payment/purchase abroad
kr 2,50

Credit cards

Prices, Nordea Gold and Privat Mastercard
SpecificationNordea GoldPrivat Mastercard
Annual pricekr 590,00kr 390,00
Additional cardkr 295,00kr 195,00
eFaktura (e-invoice)kr 0,00kr 0,00
Paper invoicekr 35,00kr 35,00
Nominal interest rate19,00% per year19,50% per year
Effective interest rate with eFaktura (e-invoice)/total cost*32,12% per year/
kr 17.387.16
29,55% per year/
kr 17.210,40
Effective interest rate with paper invoice /total cost*39,04% per year/
kr 17.851,56
36,40% per year/
kr 17.676,12
c*)Effective interest rate and total cost assuming the card is used for 10 purchases and 1 cash withdrawal in Norway, 3 purchases and 1 cash withdrawal abroad. Each purchase and cash withdrawal amounting to NOK 1,000, the total amount of credit drawn being NOK 15,000, repaid in 12 equal instalments.
Payment Services

Domestic payments

Prices, domestic payments
AvtaleGiro (Direct Debit)Price
Payment to another Nordea customer, per transactionkr 2,00
Payment to an account in another domestic bankkr 2,00
Payments via netbank, mobile bank, SMS bank and telephone bankPrice
Payment with advice, per transactionkr 3,00
Payment with KID, per transactionkr 2,00
BankAxess (payment service for online shopping)Price
Account-to-account payment, per transactionkr 2,00
SMS Services


Price, messages received
SMS notificationkr 2,00
SMS bank (Support and error messages are free of charge)kr 2,00*

*)Mobile operators' SMS charges come in addition.