Advantages of corporate loans


  • The loan is paid out as a lump sum and ensures predictability
  • Various types of collateral can be used
  • You can choose between an interest rate corridor or a fixed or floating rate
  • The repayment period is adapted to the investment financed through the loan 

Who is eligible for corporate loans?

A corporate loan is a good option for long-term investments:

• Property

• Production facilities

• Equipment

When considering your loan application, we look at two things in particular: 

Whether the company is able to repay the loan, and whether you have sufficient collateral.

How a corporate loan works

It is important that the financing is adapted to the company’s short-term and long-term plans. We get acquainted with the company's financial situation and tailor solutions covering present needs and future plans.

A corporate loan is repaid over a period corresponding to the lifespan of the investment. This means that if you apply for a corporate loan to invest in a machine with an expected lifespan of 5 years, the loan repayment period will also be 5 years. If you invest in an object which will last for several years, the investment will usually be financed and depreciated over 3–10 years. 

How to apply

  1. You submit an application
  2. We get in touch and ask for any additional information needed to process your application
  3. You receive our decision to your application

Additional information could be:

  • • Balance sheet
  • • Operating budget and balance sheet budget
  • • Cash budget
  • • Overview of equity and source

If a company does not have an available balance sheet yet, we would like to see the company's budget.

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